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Better Cycling for All

Cycling in busy cities such as Cambridge can be a daunting prospect for the many new cyclists commuting to and from work or university. Sharing space with so many other road users can be very challenging and requires lots of confidence.

This time of year brings many new students from overseas lacking any knowledge or experience of how to cycle on UK streets. With this massive influx of new cyclists it is no wonder the Cambridge univeristy colleges are making efforts to offer their ‘freshers’ the chance to take some good advice at one of our many cycle seminars.

This year, thanks to funding and support from the Grand Arcade, we have been able to take these seminars to Churchill and Homerton colleges. This led to over 140 freshers receiving information and support on commuting around Cambridge, safely by bicycle. 

Likewise, the many businesses in Cambridge that encourage active travel to work also appreciate their commuting employees would benefit from a little guidance and re-assurance of their good cycling habits.

The 1-hour seminars cover a variety of topics from the basics of how to check your tyres through to discussions on advanced road positioning and how to navigate complex junctions. Discussion and opinions are encouraged in the interactive sessions and many attendees go away feeling much more prepared to get on their cycles and make more journeys, more often and with less risk. 

For more information and details of how to book a cycle seminar for your employees or students, please get in touch

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