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Bikelife School Cycling Project

The Bikelife programme by Outspoken Training enthuses and inspires pupils, families and school staff to cycle more.

Each programme has a number of fun and exciting elements for pupils, parents/guardians and school staff:

Try Out Show Launch

We launch our Bikelife programmes with a fun cycling day, trying out a whole host of different bikes. Children and school staff in all classes have the opportunity to try a range of fun and exciting bikes in the playground as well as a chance to try our pedal-powered juke box.

At the end of the school day, the Try Out Show continues with parents being invited to try the bikes. The aim is to build enthusiasm for cycling amongst pupils, staff and families and demonstrate the amazing array of bikes that are available to use as a mode of transport. 

 Bikelife try out show


Balance First

Balance bike training offers a great introduction to cycling, developing the essential skills of agility, balance and coordination needed to ride. 

Delivered on balance bikes (specific bikes without pedals), the game-based sessions focus on encouraging children in early years to push and glide. Our instructors are creative and use imaginative games to build lots of enthusiasm on two wheels. The progression from balance bikes to pedal cycling becomes easier once trainees have mastered the art of balancing on a bike. 

Find out more about our exciting programme.

Learn to Ride Training

Everyone remembers the first time they learnt to ride and we ensure this starts a lifelong love of cycling.

Aimed at pupils who are unable to cycle, the sessions motivate trainees to master the skills of balance, bike control and pedalling.

Whether children are trying for the first time or older children are after additonal guidance, we provide fun and supportive steps to help trainees discover the joy of cycling on two wheels. 

Bike Maintenance

For children in years 5 and 6 (9-11 year olds) we run bike maintenance training sessions with our experienced and friendly mechanics. We aim to build pupils' confidence looking after their own bikes, enabling them to make simple adjustments and repairs.

Our bike maintenance sessions are delivered in two sessions. During the course, children will learn how to fix a puncture / change an inner tube, adjust their saddle height, adjust their gears and carry out basic brake adjustment.

Led Rides

There is no better way to enjoy cycling than with friends, parents and school staff. 

We use risk assessed, low traffic routes designed to boost confidence and a love of cycling. The rides are relatively short to focus on the joy of pleasant, leisurely, local routes and aim to help encourage riders to make cycling part of everyday life. 

Rides are always led and managed by a minimum of two qualified National Standard Instructors.

Gate Duties

During the programme, our project officers will regularly go into schools and run gate duties. The aim of these is to maintain enthusiasm for cycling with a key focus on rewarding pupils who have cycled to school with stickers.

These are also great opportunities to hand out leaflets about the programme and engage with parents/guardian and the wider community about why they cycle and barriers which they face. This enables us to tailor activities and training to meet the needs of the school environment. 


School Competitions

We also offer an exciting range of prizes designed to encourage cycling. We run competitions between different classes as well as with other schools taking part in each Bikelife project. The prizes for the most improved class each term include bike lights, water bottles and loads of pedal-powered activities (please see the selection in the photos below). The overall winning schools will have the opportunity to take part in a cycle powered cinema.

The results are available online with our Project Officer announcing result termly before delivering the prizes.