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Buckinghamshire Bikeability Cycle Training

Enthusing the next generation of Buckinghamshire cyclists to cycle more safely and more often

Buckinghamshire Bikeability Cycle Training

We are delighted to deliver Bikeability cycle training with Buckinghamshire County Council to local schools, enthusing the next generation of cyclists. We are committed to developing a lifelong love of cycling amongst all our trainees by providing fun, progressive and releastic training. Last year we trained over 10,000 pupils across all three Bikeability levels with a satisfaction rating of 96%.

Please scroll down to find out more about the cycle training we offer in the county.  If you are interested in booking Bikeability for your Buckinghamshire school, please get in touch. 

Bikeability Level 1

Off-road fun! Level 1 challenges trainees to control and master their bikes through a variety of playground games. Available to year 3 and 4 pupils, the training aims to boost confidence and enthuse participants to cycle more off-road.

We recognise that children learn best by doing, having plenty of opportunity to practice and most of all having fun. Our progressive 2 hour session has loads of riding and short games to develop and refine every trainee's skills. 

For a list of the Level 1 outcomes taught, please get in touch.

Bikeability Level 2

Residential rider. Level 2 takes place on local roads around school which trainees are likely to cycle on. Trainees receive a realistic cycling experience equipping them with the skills to cycle short journeys e.g to school. We educate riders on effective observations, understanding road priorities, communicating with other roads users and effective road positioning. 

Year 5, 6 and/or 7 pupils receive a Level 1 session followed by three Level 2 sessions in small groups.

Please get in touch to find out more about the Level 2 outcomes and how these link with the National Curriculum.

Bikeability Level 3

Advanced commuter. Level 3 equips trainees with the skills to tackle more complex roads and traffic situations such as roundabouts and junctions controlled by traffic lights. The training also includes guidance and practice on planning routes. 

This training is open to pupils in years 6, 7, 8 and 9 who have already achieved Level 2. We work in small groups with a maximum of 3 trainees to 1 instructor which allows plenty of flexibility to meet the needs of every participant.

For more information and a copy of the Level 3 outcomes, please get in touch.

Bikeability Balance

Balance First. Balance bike training offers a great introduction to cycling, developing the essential skills of balance and coordination needed to ride. 

Delivered on specific bikes without pedals, the game-based sessions focus on encouraging children in early years to push and glide. Our instructors are creative and use imaginative games to build lots of enthusiasm on two wheels. The progression from balance bikes to pedal cycling becomes easier once trainees have mastered the art of balancing on a bike. 

Find out more about our exciting programme.

Bikeability Learn to Ride

A valuable life skill. Everyone remembers the first time they learnt to ride and we ensure this starts a lifelong love of cycling.

Aimed at pupils who are unable to cycle, the sessions motivate trainees to master the skills of balance, control and pedalling. Whether children are trying for the first time or older children are after additonal guidance, we provide fun and supportive steps to help trainees discover the joy of cycling on two wheels. 

Please get in touch to find out how we can help. 

Bikeability Transition

The best cycling routes to school. We recognise for parents, trying to work out a new routine to get their children to secondary school can be challenging. Bikeability Transition aims to help children make their own independent journeys by bicycle, to and from their new secondary school. The rides follow Level 2 training and educate trainees about the best and most enjoyable routes around their new school, boosting confidence and understanding.The rides are all led by two fully qualified National Standard Instructors.

For more information and to book, please get in touch

Bikeability Ride

Cycling is fun together. Following Level 2 training, there is no better way to demonstrate and further practice new skills than riding with friends, parents and/or school staff. 

We use risk assessed, low traffic/traffic free routes designed to boost confidence and a love of cycling. The rides are relatively short to focus on the joy of pleasant, leisurely, local routes and aim to help encourage riders to make cycling part of everyday life. 

Rides are always led and managed by a minimum of two qualified National Standard Instructors. Please get in touch to find our more about group rides.