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Bikeability Holiday Course

Enthusing and inspiring the next generation to cycle. Through Bikeability cycle training, we hope give children the skills and confident to make journeys by bicycle.

Bikeability Combined Level 1 & 2 Holiday Courses

Is you child looking to make independent journeys by bicycle? Are you looking to cycle as a family?

We run very popular holiday Bikeability cycle training clubs for children who missed out or weren't able to complete their Bikeability Level 1 & 2 course during curriculum time in their school. 

All courses are run by first aid and safeguarding trained National Standard Instructors. We are currently running local courses in Bedford, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Northampton and Peterborough. For more information on our holiday courses, please scroll down.

Bikeability Course Information

Our Bikeability Level 1 & 2 course is for children in year 5 and above who can already ride without stabilisers. We can deliver one to one training for children who cannot ride. 

The course runs over two days from 10.00am - 2.30pm (4 hours of training) and a 30 minute supervised lunch break each day. The price of the course is only £50 per person (the same price as a 2 hour one to one session). 

Please find more information on the course and available dates below. 

Bikeability Level 1

Off-road fun! Level 1 challenges trainees to control and master their bikes through a variety of playground games. The first 2 hours of our holiday course aims to boost confidence and enthuse participants to cycle more off-road.

We recognise that children learn best by doing, having plenty of opportunity to practice and most of all having fun. Our progressive 2 hour session has loads of riding and short games to develop and refine every trainee's skills. 

Bikeability Level 2

Residential rider. Level 2 takes place on local roads around school which trainees are likely to cycle on. Trainees receive a realistic cycling experience equiping them with the skills to cycle short journeys e.g to school. We educate riders on effective observations, understanding road priorities, communicating with other roads users and effective road positioning. 

After the two hour Level 1 session, we take the group out onto local, residential roads for the remaining 6 hours of the course.

To book, please see the course dates below.

9-10 Apr 1810am-2.30pmCambridge (The Bike Depot)£50Book now
9-10 Apr 1810am-2.30pmNorthampton (NN1 5NX)£50Book now
9-10 Apr 1810am-2.30pmPeterborough (PE1 4DZ)£50Book now
29-30 May 1810am-2.30pmNorthampton (NN1 5NX)£50Book now
29-30 May 1810am-2.30pmPeterborough (PE1 4DZ)£50Book now
29-30 May 1810am-2.30pmCambridge (The Bike Depot)£50Book now