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Outspoken wins National Cycle Planning award

Outspoken Training won the Best Behaviour change award at the National Cycle Planning awards for their work in transforming how Peterborough families get to and from school.

The overall aim of the project was to help build a stronger cycling culture within five primary schools and to encourage children, parents and teachers to cycle more often. In just six weeks there was a 263% increase with more than 200 more children cycling to school each day across the five Peterborugh schools - Heritage Park, Oakdale, Norwood, Newborough and Castor.

Philip Darnton, Executive Director of the Bicycle Association and chair of the judging panel said:

“Bikeability Plus turns basic cycle lessons into a real change in behaviour, helping to give youngsters a lasting skill for life. The project was very well-structured, and set clear targets, which it brilliantly exceeded. What's more it created 114 'young mechanics'- an absolutely key part of being able to ride your bike well, and safely”

One of the participants, having completed the Bikeability Fix module teaching her how to mend her bike, said:

"I'm so glad I could help my Dad, now he can get back on his bike and fit again"

Rob King, Director of Outspoken Training said

“To have transformed the cycling culture of a few schools in such a short period of time is amazing. We were particularly proud of our team of staff who made this happen through a whole host of exciting activities and challenges”

Karen Armstrong, a teacher from Castor school commented:

“Over the six weeks, all of our reception children learned to balance and then ride a bike.  Some reduced their mums to tears having struggled previously.”

Bikeability Plus funding was taken up by Peterborough City Council and was one of a number of pilot programmes run by the Department for Transport. Despite a small budget, the scheme had a huge impact, with an average of 29% of the schools’ children cycling to school – that’s fifteen times above the national average. It is hoped that the formula adopted here can be rolled out elsewhere and similar results seen.



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