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School Cycling Activities

We've got a whole range of exciting school activities that aim to get children active & having fun while developing key life skills. Children who get to school by active travel see benefits in their concentration and mood so it's something that all schools should be encouraging. What better way than through our range of skills training, perfect for your sport and PE lessons in primary schools. For a full brochure or more information, please get in touch.

Bike Club

Bike Club inspires KS2 children to cycle with a variety of energetic and engaging activities over five weeks. Run entirely off road for all abilities, the series of fun, one hour sessions cater for up to 12 pupils and activities include bike handling games, an interactive bike maintenance lesson, grass track racing and much more. The aim is to demonstrate how fun and accessible cycling is whilst equipping pupils with the skills to cycle more.

Bikeability Level 1 course

The Bikeability Level 1 cycling programme is perfect for children in years 3 and 4 and we run this through a two hour session for up to 20 pupils per group. The focus is to develop bike handling skills including being able to ride one-handed, looking behind while cycling in a straight line and good bike control. There are clear outcomes that we have to work to and the improvements are measurable during the course. All these skills are developed using a variety of games and the children really enjoy the sessions.

Scooter Training

Our scooter training is delivered in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. We aim to encouraging an active journey to school whilst promoting consideration to other people using the same paths. We do this by using a variety of fun, exciting games designed to improve pupils’ handling and awareness skills. We deliver this all in a one hour session for up to 15 pupils.

Balance First

Balance First is an exciting and active five week programme, specifically designed to get reception year children enjoying and developing the important life skill of cycling. The 40 minute weekly sessions focus on developing motor skills to improve balance, agility and coordination and we can coach up to 10 pupils per group. We provide helmets and balance bikes which have no pedals to achieve this and aim to give children the confidence to cycle and control their bike effectively. The course caters for all abilities including pupils with no experience of riding a bike and those who can already ride.

Bike Maintenance Training

Our bike maintenance courses are really popular with youth groups and school children. We run fully accredited structured six week courses as well as one-off taster sessions to ensure children learn to really understand their bike as well as pick up essential life skills, build self-esteem and gain better dexterity with their hands. For more details visit our sister website Outspoken Cycles.

Bikeability Level 3 Training

We work with many secondary schools to offer Level 3 training and to help build confidence to get children cycling to school on a regular basis. We work on very small ratios and look at individual routes to/from home or school. Level 3 training is usually fully funded by central government. For more details or to secure your place, please get in touch


We offer a range of other services to promote all forms of cycling. These include a variety of event activities including our Smoothie Bike, Pedal powered music and educational sessions such as our watt challenge where children learn about electricity by generating it themselves using bikes. For more details visit our sister website Outspoken Cycles.

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